Jan Nethercot Ceramics


sculpting in the sunAll my work is hand built. The pots are coiled on to a flat base, gradually working upwards, shaping and forming on the way. 2 or 3 coils are added at a time, or the weight of the clay becomes too much and it will collapse.

I do have an idea about the form the piece will take, but the style evolves as the clay 'talks' to me. One of the joys of potting is the surprise you receive at the end of your labours! Applying oxides to a large pod prior to stoneware firingOnce the basic shape is achieved and the clay has hardened a little, I sculpt and whittle it into its final form using various tools, to give it texture and substance.

This process can take anything from 2 to 6 weeks. A drying period follows and then the initial firing. The piece is now ready to be coloured. I use a mixture of oxides layered on to the surface.

Occasionally I will use a clear glaze. Then it is fired to stoneware which develops the colours and makes the Pod frost resistant.



Here are a few examples of my ceramics. Click on any of the tumbnails below to reveal an enlargement on the right.

Ceramic	'Tall Pod'
Ceramic 'Planter'
Ceramic 'Big Belly Pod'
Ceramic 'Jug'
Ceramic 'Emerging Pod'
Ceramic 'Crown Planter'
Ceramic 'Glazed Pot'
Ceramic 'Textured plates'
Ceramic 'Bursting pill' (influenced by a photograph of a pill bursting!)
Click here to reveal 'Tall Pod' Click here to reveal 'Planter' Click here to reveal 'Big Belly Pod' Click here to reveal 'Jug' Click here to reveal 'Emerging Pod' Click here to reveal 'Crown Planter' Click here to reveal 'Glazed Pot' Click here to reveal 'Textured plates' Click here to reveal 'Bursting pill'

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