Jan Nethercot Ceramics

Ceramic 'Big Belly Pod'My ceramics are sculptural forms for the garden or interior. I take inspiration from my frequent walks through the ancient Savernake Forest with its wealth of decomposing, but still stately trees; enjoying these gentle, rugged giants with their knurled limbs and soft mosses, which invite the passer-by to touch and explore. In my pieces I aim to reflect this tactile property and encourage viewers of my work to touch and explore them. The ‘Pods’ are frost resistant.

Porcelain 'Lily'The clay that I use for my ‘Pods’ is strong and rough, in complete contrast to my other ceramic work, for which I use porcelain. This is fine and fragile clay, which enables me to produce delicate forms such as ‘Lily’ (left).

I am showing my work at Open Studios WBNH and I am an Associate at Marlborough Open Studios. Click on the links for full details.

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